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Linda & Robert Scarth

Photographers are careful observers by inclination and training. Linda and Bob Scarth come from academic backgrounds where these observational skills were honed. Linda has degrees in child development, education and library and information science. Bob's degrees are in animal breeding, genetics and statistics. Linda grew up in a family of amateur folk artists who enjoyed photography. Bob discovered his eye for detail well suited to photography as a young college teacher. Their interest and skill developed early and evolved to emphasize natural history photography over time. They continued the aim of producing work similar to larger format cameras with both DSLR and SLR cameras. Since switching completely to DSLR cameras, they use the same techniques and add new ones.

Largely self taught, the Scarths have taken classes at universities where they worked, along with the Kansas City Art Institute and the Armidale College of TAFE in Australia where they once lived. They attend occasional seminars and workshops conducted by well-respected nature photographers and image software experts to keep abreast with current techniques and equipment.

A fascination with the beauty, fragility and resilience of the natural world and the desire to share this information motivates them to write, prepare slide presentations, submit to galleries and offer images for sale.

The blog link is to their WordPress blog where they post occasional comments on their work and what they see in the field.

Deep Nature: Photographs from Iowa was released September 2, 2009. The University of Iowa Press features it on the cover of their Fall 2009 Catalog. It has 80 of the Scarth's images of small members of Iowa's natural community and an essay, "Small Places, Unbounded Spaces," by ecologist, John Pearson. To see thumbnails and more information on the individual images, visit the deep nature link above or click here.

The Scarths are available to present and discuss the images in the book, their techniques and the beauty found in Iowa and the Midwest. Interested groups and interviewers may reach them using the contact link above.

The Scarths look forward to their future projects and activities. For a list of past presentations, exhibits, book signings, etc., click here.

Current projects:


  • June 2, 2017.6:45 pm - Deep Nature: Photographs from Iowa - Presentation for the Illinois Native Plant Society Annual Meeting, Hanson Hall of Science, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL

Linda & Robert Scarth


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