Chimney Swift Archive

Photographing in the Althea R. Sherman Chimney Swifts’ Tower

Here is a chronological account of photographing the families that nested  in the restored Althea R. Sherman Chimney Swifts’ Tower after its placement and restoration in 2013. The first nest appeared late in the summer of 2014. Eggs were in the nest and the chicks hatched a few days later. In the Spring and Summer of 2015 we were able to follow the family from nest building until the chicks fledged. We are now following the 2016 family.

We are grateful to the Althea R. Sherman Project and the Cedar County (IA) Historical Society for giving us the opportunity to photograph the home life of the Chimney Swift, one hundred years after the tower was designed by Miss Sherman and built at her home in Northeast Iowa.


The Story Continues:

Chimney Swifts, continued:

The Difference 3 Days Make:

Gray Day at the Tower :

Eyes and Dots:

Vote of Confidence:

X Marks the Spot:

Family Portrait:

Today’s Challenges:

Growing Up:

Windy Day at Chimney Swifts’ Tower:

Fledged But Still Roosting:


Chimney Swifts Back in the Tower:

Chimney Swifts’ Progress:

Chimney Swift Update:

Nest Expansion:

Discovery Day:

Feather Buds:

Four Days Old on July 4th:

One Week Old Today:



92° in the Shade:

Only a Mother Could Love:

Days 17 & 18:

Wall Birds:



Iowa Outdoors:\

They’re Back:

Nest Progress:


Egg Number 1:

Two Eggs:

Drama at the Tower:

Early Morning at the Tower:


Hatching Days:

Pink Pile:


Parental Approval:

The Difference a Day Makes:

Less Room in the Nest:

Article in The Gazette:

Increasing Confidence:

In the Dark:

Pile of Chicks:

Up Against the Wall:

New Observations:

Rainy Day:

First Group Flight:

Night Visitors:

Last Visit:


Spring Cleaning at the Tower: