Spring Cleaning at the Tower

This weekend we decided to do the spring cleaning at the Althea R. Sherman Chimney Swifts’ Tower in preparation for the swifts return. Over the winter the tower is invaded with Asian lady beetles, flies, wasps and even a few mice. We took our large shop vacuum, long extension cords, brooms and dust pans along with face masks to the tower. There is an outside electric plug-in on the house and none in the tower so the long cords were put to good use.

Bob started inside the door and Linda started sweeping the insects at the top of the tower. There was lots of dust so the masks were put to good use. Even though there is a double length hose on the shop vac we did have to carry the shop vac and balance it on the landings in stages on the way up. Miss Sherman had cupboards in the entry area and on the landings throughout the tower. Bob vacuumed them out on the way up.

Violets and a few dandelions were sprinkled throughout the lawn. The deciduous tree had a sheen of green as it is beginning to leaf out.  The cedar trees have many little dry twigs waiting for the Chimney Swifts to fly past to break them to use for a new nest. We hope they come again this year; our fourth nesting season in the tower.

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