More Signs of Spring

More signs of Spring. This morning a Hermit Thrush visited the backyard. One usually stops by at the end of the first week of April most years. It flicked its tail and turned over many leaves while it hopped about.

That prompted a visit to edge of the yard near the back fence to see if the Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) was peeking through last year’s fallen leaves. There was one bud poking out having escaped its wrapping leaf. This afternoon it (above) had opened. When the tree  leaves were removed around the first blossom, a second (below) was found along with another bud. Several more buds were found several feet away.

Bloodroot blossoms are very fragile. Even light wind can make the petals to shatter and fall within two days of opening. The plant has a reddish sap (especially in the roots), hence its common name. It was used in dyes and native medicine. The roots are poisonous as are many parts of plants in the poppy family.

We found some Spring Beauty several days ago. The Trout Lily leaves are growing. Soon the Spring ephemerals will be in their full glory.


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