Evening Encounter

Late this afternoon we were checking out a bird blind to see if anyone was around. There were a few of the regulars and a couple of squirrels. After making a few images of the squirrels Linda returned to the car while Bob said he would stay a bit longer to see if anyone interesting came in.

The light was retreating when this pretty, almost-yearling female fawn and her mother came in. The youngster had interesting “eyebrows.” Both the doe and fawn looked well fed and bloomy for this time of year. So Bob boosted the ISO and opened the aperture so he could make a few images when they were standing very still.

The mother was wary and kept checking the woods. She did not pay attention to the blind. The fawn occasionally looked at the blind which resulted in the ‘headshot with eyebrows.’

Sometimes it pays to sit around to see what comes by.

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