Two Eggs

There are now two eggs in the nest at the Althea R. Sherman Chimney Swifts’ Tower. The nest is still under construction. Today we were puzzled by the addition that extends out almost perpendicular to the nest.

Yesterday morning the mated pair were seen adding the stick by Barbara Boyle over the infrared web cam. The web cam is not very detailed and she thought that they were adding the stick to the underside of the nest. Today we discovered that they had poked the stick into the nest at the upper edge.

Because the nest comes out from the wall and this new stick protrudes even further, the top image is a composite so the stick and the eggs would be sharp. Only three images were stacked so the image is not completely sharp from front to back. We wanted to show this anomaly in nest construction and were not able to stay long enough to make the 15 or 20 images that we would have preferred. Focusing with small increments and then stacking them in a composite  is very time consuming.

The next new addition to the nest is eagerly awaited. We wonder what the birds have planned.

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