The Chimney Swift pair is getting very serious. They are preparing for when their chicks leave the nest.

One recent afternoon Barbara Boyle reported that one of the adult swifts seemed to be attaching a stick about a foot below the nest. Sticks are sometimes placed on the chimney wall below the nest so that when the youngsters leave the nest they will have places to cling  if they cannot dig their nails into the wall. This evening we located the stick just where Barbara had seen the adult. Barbara is the Althea R. Sherman Chimney Swifts’ Tower director.

We had left our LED flashlights on a table at home and needed to improvise to get enough light to both focus and make images.

Our little point and shoot, which makes raw files, came to the rescue for several of the images. The swifts were not in the area so we opened the door to the chimney and a bit of late afternoon light came through the west window near the door. The camera can focus in fairly dim light and its flash made the image. The door made it possible for Miss Sherman to sometimes handle chicks.

This image looking down into the nest was also made by the point and shoot. It juts out from the wall and is quite cup shaped. The wall seems shinier than during the last 2 years. The adults are painting glue over a wide area.

Next we tried the 90mm tilt-shift lens on its DSLR through one of the peek holes on the south wall. The open door provided enough light for Live View to be used to focus. A small flash was attached to the camera with a cable and was held at the peek hole about 10 inches above the one the lens was peeking through.

We will double check that the little flashlights come with us the next time. The nest looks ready for its first egg. Maybe when next we visit the tower there will be one.

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