Rainy Day

Yesterday (July 24th), it was drizzling when we arrived at the Althea R. Sherman Chimney Swifts’ Tower. We could see only two of the chicks through the various peek holes and small windows. We heard wing flutters as they moved about but did not locate all three at the same time.

The dark chick on the door (west wall) and one of the gray chicks on the north wall were just visible through a knot hole with the short zoom lens at a wider angle than we use for individual chicks. The darkest vertical line about 1/3 into the frame is the corner.

This chick (low on the north wall) was looking up over its shoulder just after we heard some flutters that seemed to come from the southeast corner of the false chimney. It slowly turned its head back to face the north wall. Because it was lit with only an LED flashlight and the camera had a slow shutter speed, several of the images were acceptably (not perfectly) sharp. Photography has many types of compromises.

The wings are longer and more pointed than just 2 days earlier. This is most apparent on this chick when it was low on the door wall. The sharp black shadows are there because of the on-camera flash was needed to get the image from a high angle.

The rain continued sporadically while we were in the tower. Sometimes there were gusts of wind that shook the tower slightly. When that happened we did not press the shutters. The slight shaking felt like people walking on a dock or boardwalk; also times when there will be some camera shake and not good times to make images. We sometimes spend much time waiting for boardwalks and floors to stop quivering when we use tripods, which is almost always.

The rain stopped just before we left wondering what we will find when next we visit.

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