Only a Mother Could Love

The parents of the trio in the Althea R. Sherman Chimney Swifts’ Tower are such pretty birds. At this stage their children definitely are not. Each one has at least one eye open, or mostly open. Two of the chicks are covering the one in the middle of the nest so only its head is visible. We did not see the left eyes because they did not turn their heads to the left that could have been seen through the peek hole.

They are bigger than they were 2 days ago and are so crowded that they did not change places during the time we were there earlier today. We saw the one on the left stretch a wing and the one on the right make a big yawn.

Because they are growing so fast, their buzz saw call is louder. They always start and stop in unison. We have noticed that shortly before they stop, one of them makes a slightly different sound and after a few more bars, they stop suddenly.

When we arrived both parents were flying in the area. One flew down the chimney and out allowing us to get a few images of that maneuver. A parent came in twice while we were in the tower but was too far below the chicks to get an image. It left without feeding anyone. When a parent comes in the sound of its wings as it breaks and turns to cling on the wall is quite loud. Sometimes it sounds as if their wings hit the wall when they take off up the chimney.

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