Chimney Swift Update

Yesterday we visited the Althea R. Sherman Chimney Swifts’ Tower hoping to see an adult incubating the eggs in the new nest. What we found was another egg but no adult.

So we sat in silence up in the tower after making just 3 images through the sloped little window on the east wall of the false chimney. We use short zoom lenses both at the window and the peek holes.  Using the zoom lets us make several sizes of larger frames of the scene so we can rotate and crop the final images when needed to show the most important parts.

The adults are continuing to add to the nest. There seem to be more smaller twigs tucked in around the edges. The large twig at the front of the nest is new since our last visit. The nest is much larger than when the first egg was laid.

We sat quietly for a half hour hoping an adult would come in. The neighboring House Wren continued to sing and chatter most of the time. Last summer we sometimes heard adults chippering as they flew over the tower and in the vicinity. No chippering was heard. A few barn swallows, a robin and some blackbirds were heard but no Chimney Swifts.

We covered several windows to keep it darker in the tower so birds flying by would not see any new shapes or movement. While we sat still in the subdued light our hearing became focused on the quieter sounds outside. Distant road sounds still intruded but it was easier to concentrate on nearby bird calls. We expect to do more quiet sitting listening to the nearby birds over the next weeks.

Another delight of the day was that we saw three Monarch Butterflies along the lane into the farm where the tower is. We hope to see more on other visits.

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