Chimney Swifts Back in Tower

The Althea R. Sherman Chimney Swifts’ Tower project has waited and hoped that the Chimney Swifts would return to the tower this spring. Several weeks ago a pair returned to the tower. Last week we visited to see if there was any evidence of them refurbishing the nest from last year. What we found was a small cluster of sticks below the old nest (left image.) Since no birds were present we could open the access door to look at the nest wall.

Yesterday we again visited to see what changes had been made in seven days. The nest is progressing nicely. It is starting to take the shape of last year’s nest above it. We will visit again next week to document the changes. We do not want to disturb the pair but do want to show the architecture of the nest.

It is very dark in the false chimney, even at midday. Flash was necessary for these images and is quite obvious.  The saliva used to attach the sticks has a plastic-like quality and is quite shiny. Later when the Chimney Swifts are incubating we will again use small LED flashlights (torches) with orange tissue filters to correct the color of the lights. We have not found any better way since we have to photograph through peek holes and a small glass window.

We hope to update the story regularly in our posts.

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