Fully Feathered

It is just two weeks since we photographed those funny looking little pink birds with a few bristles that would become feathers. Today they appear fully feathered with wings that will soon be adult size.

Looking down below the nest to youngsters is awkward through the little slanted glass window. It requires a little bit of gymnastics while holding a small flash. We are not sure whether the silvery look in the most visible eye is the bird or the glass in between. Their eyes are darkening more each time we visit.

One of the times we had the lens against the knot peek hole one of the group had moved a bit to one side. Most of the time they stayed close together. The parents did not come very often, even when we were watching on the monitor during breaks. One came in when we first arrived and did not flush but left when it was ready. This image shows how much their wings have grown.

Here is a closer view of the huddle. We are using rubber lens hoods to seal out stray light that may enter at the knot hole sides. Rubber lens hoods are also useful when photographing at an aquarium. We use them on our zoom lenses when traveling because they take up less room in our backpacks than rigid plastic ones. Lens hoods are important photographic accessories.

Tonight on the webcam we saw one flap and let go for a few seconds but immediately returned to the group. These birds certainly do not require much personal space!

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