“The Prepared Photographer”

Yesterday we presented “The Prepared Photographer,” a 6 hour seminar-workshop at the Briggs Woods Legacy Learning Center near Webster City, Iowa. We had a great time and our students seemed to be very engaged. Several of the group (above) are making images that will demonstrate various focus points and exposures using specific camera settings for light, mid tone and dark subjects. We also sent them home with a list of images that they could make to become better acquainted with what their various lens/camera combinations could do.

Throughout the day we talked about becoming what we think of as a prepared photographer. Knowing what is possible with the multitude of settings in modern cameras and how to use the camera manual to find and set what each photographer finds useful was one of our goals for the seminar.

Here is a list of the general topics we addressed throughout the day:

  1. Photography: an Art, a Science, a Social Science
  2. What cameras and lenses can and cannot do – quality, color space, etc
  3. Selecting personal camera settings
  4. Light and Lighting
  5. Exposure, especially the dance among ISO, shutter speed, and aperture
  6. Other equipment and accessories
  7. Composition, designing and organization within images
  8. A bit on post processing
  9. Ethical practices
  10. Esthetics
  11. And our personal views.

Most of the concepts were accompanied by examples of our work. Another goal was to emphasize that the camera points both ways – at the subject and the photographer, through the choices s/he makes.

Becoming a “Prepared Photographer” starts with believing the best camera is the one in hand. Learning what it can and cannot do through studying the manual and practicing using various camera and lens settings is part of preparation. Experimenting with composition, equipment and subjects will help one develop both skill and a style. An introspective analysis of why one makes photographs also helps. And preparation never stops.

One Response to ““The Prepared Photographer””

  1. Diane Michaud Lowry Says:

    Excellent workshop! Interesting and informative. I would be interested in attending more.