Living Color

Red-footed Booby

We celebrated our anniversary a month early by spending a few days in the Ecuadorian cloud forest and 8 days sailing and hiking in the Galapagos Islands in mid March. Our small Galapagos group was congenial, led by an expert Galapagos Natioanal Park approved guide and cared for by a wonderful crew.

This Red-footed Booby (Sula sula) was on the beach on Genovesa (Tower) Island which is in the northeast part of the archipeligo. It preened and paid us very little mind. One of the group quoted a biologist who said that there are little brown birds, big brown birds and owls. We saw many of the first two categories but did not find the last. This big brown bird is beautifully trimmed in coral, pink, blue and turquoise.

The male Frigatebirds sat in the bushes displaying to lure the discriminating females who flew in sweeping circles surveying the red throat pouches and greenish back feathers of the perched males.

There will be other posts about this adventure but this bird’s coral crepe-paper-like feet popped out of the files as we start to cull and keyword files.  Of course, this is being interupted by the fact that Spring is in full swing here with everything blooming at the same time.

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