Tufted Titmouse

It is always a delight when a Tufted Titmouse comes to visit. This winter we sometimes see two in the Trumpet Vine on the garage debating who gets first dibs at the peanut feeder or fat feeder. Earlier this week this one stayed still long enough for an image in the shade of the fat feeder. The fresh snow and overcast made for a bright scene.  It is clinging tightly so its pretty orange flanks are hidden by its wings.

This is a crop from a file made by a 70-200 lens. When we saw it, one of us grabbed the closest camera even though a longer lens and some fill flash would have been a better choice.  A catch light in its eye would be desirable. Tufted Titmouse eyes always seem to look a little blurry because of the uneven dark eye ring.

We knew it would stay a moment so the camera was handheld. We hope to be better prepared the next time one or both come back.

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