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Black-necked Swans are much more wary than the other water birds in the Falklands. The swan family on Bleaker Island kept their distance. Both grebe species have cinnamon candy colored eyes. 

Black-necked Swans

White-tufted Grebe

White-tufted Grebe

Silvery Grebe

Silvery Grebe

Black-crowned Night-Heron adult

Black-crowned Night-Heron juvenile

The Falkland Islands' Night-herons are often seen hunting 
during the  day and may rest on docks and in fairly 
open places where they are easy to see.

Patagonian Crested Duck

Black-necked Swan

Kelp Goose male

Kelp Goose female & gosling

Ruddy-headed Goose

Falkland Flightless Steamer Ducks

Upland Geese - female & male

Upland Goose goslings

Upland Goose male

Speckled Teal

Linda & Robert Scarth


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