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We saw all three seal species but only photographed these two. The South American Fur Seals were on an off-shore island that we saw from a boat. Of the three dolphin species in the Falklands, we only saw the Commerson's Dolphin, as a group rode the bow wave of the boat on the way to West Point Island. Orcas (Killer Whales) are more frequent when the baby Sea Lions get bigger and take to the water.

The contortion of the first Elephant Seal is because a tiny Tussac-bird landed and picked a bit of dead skin on his molting back. We saw him repeat the flinch and howl each time the persistent bird landed on him. Some seals would throw sand on the birds while others would bow and buck.

Elephant Seal

Elephant Seal 

Elephant Seals

Elephant Seals - note their open & closed nostrils

Sea Lion male

Sea Lion females & pups

Brown Hares (introduced)

The hares are one seven introduced species besides dogs,
horses, cattle and sheep. Islands that have never 
had cats, rats, mice and foxes have more small birds.

Sea Lion Colony

Linda & Robert Scarth


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