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The endemic Striated Caracara is a rare bird, though we saw them often. Locally it is called 'Johnny Rook'. Caracara's are scavengers and curious about human possessions. One tried to remove a label from one of our jackets that we had covering a camera bag on the ground. Turkey vultures are often seen floating around the larger colonies and rookeries.

Tussac-birds and the other small birds are common on islands that have never had cats or rats. 

Striated Caracara juvenile

The parents fed this juvenile and its sibling, then
came close to patiently watch us eat our lunch
among the Tussac-grass clumps or bogs, as
they are called. The adult at the right was almost
too close to frame nicely for its portrait.

Striated Caracara adult


Dark-faced Ground-tyrant

Black-throated Finch female

Black-throated Finch male

Cobb's Wren

Black-chinned Siskin female & juvenile

Long-tailed Meadowlark

Though called meadowlarks, these striking 
birds are in Oriole family.

Long-tailed Meadowlark

Falklands Thrush

Mature birds have speckled breasts similar to 
a juvenile North American Robin

Turkey Vulture

Linda & Robert Scarth


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