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There is more to see beyond birds and mammals. The landscape that Charles Darwin found somewhat bleak is ancient and inspiring. Geological drawings of Gondwana place the fragment that became the Falkland Islands at the southeast tip of Africa. Time and forces within the earth eventually placed the Falklands near South America as the Atlantic Ocean opened up. 

Falklands Green Spider

Queen of the Falklands - fritillary 

Pebble Island

Cliffs on Sea Lion Island

Twin Islands - Falkland Sound

Settlement on Carcass Island

Whale Bone Arch & Cathedral

Coast - Falkland Sound


Sea Cabbage

Sea Lion Island

Stanley Harbor before the dawn

Stanley, Falkland Islands

Stone Duck 

Stone Runs

Stone Runs

Sheep Paddock

FIGAS (Falkland Island Government Air Service)
  plane for inter-island travel

Linda & Robert Scarth


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